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    Thank You..Updates have Returned !!

    I know it's frustrating but I would counsel patience as I know Skymouse faces some challenges away from the site at present.
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    Returnee models

    It's always good to see more. How about an Anne sometime?
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    Thank You..Updates have Returned !!

    Good to see it -and a Happy New Year to everyone!
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    Thank You..Updates have Returned !!

    I would like to add my thanks too.
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    Does anyone even come here ??

    I understand where you're coming from but maybe we shouldn't give in quite so soon. There is, I think, a case for hanging on in there for the time being. Maybe it's because I'm an eternal optimist!
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    A very Wet Ride in the Car

    That was a great story, Wetman. It sounds as though you had a real find in Annette. I expect you're sorry she's not still with you.
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    Need a search bar

    Thanks for that. Sorry, I was a little slow on the uptake.
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    Need a search bar

    There is, on my screen at any rate, a search button at the top right hand side next to 'alerts' and it seems to work well enough.
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    Holding limits

    I'm not a model but I guess they all have different holding capabilities. No doubt some can hold for ages and pee on demand whilst others have to drink a lot of water, tea, coffee, energy drink - or whatever else has a powerful diuretic effect on them - more or less immediately prior to the...
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    Panties used during the shoot

    Is this offer still on the go?
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    Favourite girl?

    I seem to recall there was an Anna at one stage. It would be good if she could be got back. Do I also remember a Tiffany or is that a figment of my imagination?
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    Does anyone even come here ??

    I think between us we will have to do our best to get it back up and functioning. That relies on people posting content.
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    The eyes of desperation

    Fantastic desperation story. I really enjoyed that.
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    Welcome to the new WHP Forum

    I'm glad to be back as a member of the new forum, having contributed to the old one over many years under a slightly different handle. It's great to have it back up and running.