A very Wet Ride in the Car

My 1st wife and I were into watersports....mostly solo peeing, some wetting and LOTS of golden showers. One Friday evening we decided to go out...Annette peed before we left the house and promised she would wait until we got home to go again and we would have some wet fun.

We went to a local resturant where we had a nice dinner..during which she drank at least 2 glasses of tea. At first we planned to just walk around the mall for while and
do some window shopping but the movie theater there had just opened a new movie that Annette had been wanting to see so she talked me into going to the movies.

We got a jumbo popcorn to share and two jumbo cokes which included unlimited refills. About 30 minutes into the movie she had finished her first coke and sent me to the lobby for a refill. A little while later as she worked on her second large coke I noticed that she was starting to squirm in her seat....a little bit later she leaned over and told me that she really needed to pee and hoped the movie would be over soon. I'm sure her tight bluejeans were not helping matters any.

When the movie finally ended Annette told me we had better get going as she needed to get home so she could relieve herself. When she went to stand up her eyes got really big and her legs almost buckled as she tried to keep from losing control. By now the theater was almost empty and Annette told me she didn't realise how badly she had to pee until she stood up. With a look of genuine desperation she told me she was sorry but she was going to have to use the bathroom in the lobby before we left as things were getting worse by the minute.

I was kind of disappointed...not wanting to lose my golden shower but I had always told Annette that I never wanted her to be uncomfortable or in pain just trying to hold her pee for me. We worked our way out to the lobby. Little did we know our problems were only starting.

When we reached the lobby their was a line of ladies out the door of the bathroom...it seemed that 2 movies had just let out and the bathroom had a broken toilet leaving only a couple of stalls for all those desperate ladies. Annette told me their was no way she could stand in that line so we made our way to the parking lot. I suggested that when we got to the car she could just squat and pee beside the car as I stood guard. That was our plan....but every time she got ready to drop her jeans someone would pass by or walk in our direction. Finally after a couple of minutes Annette told me "Just get me home Fast ! " We got in the car and headed out of the parking lot.

As soon a Annette got into the car she unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans to relieve some some of the pressure. She crossed her legs tightly and rocked back and forth in desperation. I was trying to watch the road as well as what was going on with Annette. I don't think I had ever seen her that truly desperate to pee before.

We were about 2 miles from the house and in my rush to get home I had forgotten about the old railroad tracks on this road. I came up on them so quickly I didn't even have time to slow down and I hit them with a bang. Well anyone reading this knows what kind of effect hitting a big bump in the road has on a full bladder. Annette almost buckled over and grabbed her crotch...As we neared the next intersection we encountered a red light.

"That's it...I'm going to pee" Annette announced. I told Annette we would be home any minute. "I'm sorry" Annette said "But I just can't wait any longer...I'm going to go in my pants" Annette sat up straight in the seat.. leaning her seat back slightly and she spread her legs apart as far as she could get them. I asked her again to try and hold on just a little longer. "If I could hold it I would, but it's too late...I gotta go." She said.

She reached over and took my hand and moved it to the top of her unbuttoned jeans. With a little bit of effort I was able to work my hand down the front of her jeans to her crotch.

So here I am driving down the road with one hand on the wheel and the other down my wifes jeans knowing she about to take a huge piss all over the front seat of our car.

"You ready?" She asked..as if it had mattered if I told her no. Their was a long pause....My cock was about rip out of my pants... "Get ready here it comes" she said with a sound of relief in her voice. I began to feel her pee as it trickled out and ran through my fingers...It kind of came out in slow spurts sometimes making a hissing gurgling sound and it pooled at her crotch and soaked through her jeans.

By now I was having a very hard time concentrating on my driving. She lifted her butt slightly off the carseat which allowed her stream to spray out harder. For a while I wondered if she was ever going to stop peeing. We were now almost in our driveway and she was still going. I pulled in the driveway and parked as I felt my wife pushing to force out the final drops. After that she just sat their a minute to make sure she was empty.

"OK I'm finished" she said..matter of factly. I pulled my hand out of her now soaking wet jeans. In all the excitement I hadn't even considered what kind of damage she did to our car seat. She got out of the car
and I saw a huge wet spot on the carseat. I knew I'd be cleaning the car tomorrow. Because she was sitting down her jeans were mostly wet in her crotch and all across her butt and a little bit down her legs in the back.

We went inside the house where she peeled off her wet clothes and we hit the bed and I fucked her brains out...all the time thinking how nice it felt as her warm piss sprayed out into my fingers. Afterwards we put her clothes in the wash and took a shower together.

I spent a couple of hours the next day at the local carwash cleaning the seat with Upholstry cleaner. But I must say in the long run it was all worth it.