Bringing old models back

Skymouse, is there any chance of bring old models back for new pictures and videos? You were supposed to be shooting again with Nicki (also known as Frankie), but I haven't seen anything yet. I am in regular touch with her and she would love to work with you again.

Also, I thought there was a chance of Kaz B coming back again. Did you ever get in touch with her?

Other models I would love to see again are Jackie Brown (of course), Claire Lou, Cate Harrington, Katie K., Michelle B., and Kacie James.

All I can do is hope to see atleast one or two come back.

Here is one of my favourite Nicki pictures... :p

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Kacie will be back quite often soon; she made a couple of a appearances in November and December, and will be seen again more often starting in early February.

With Nicki, it's only a matter of some practicalities before we shoot her again. We nearly managed a few months ago but the logistics didn't work out, but I'm sure we'll find a fix for that.

Kaz would be very very interesting! I plan to follow up with that and get in touch and see if we can organise something.

Some of the others mentioned have moved onto different things due to different priorities in their lives, but there are also some that I simply haven't been in touch with for a while and may well be feasible. WHile I'm looking for new models for WHP (that's very much an ongoing task) I'm open to featuring some who haven't been around for a while as well.
I know Kaz is very busy at the moment, but I hope she has time at some point to do work for WHP again this year. Apart from Jackie, I would most like to see Claire again. That would be a dream for me. I would love to contact those two wonderful women. In my dreams. :D
Bringing some old models back is fantastic idea,especially those models who have only a few videos. Personally my favorite such a models are:
1. Sarah (aka Mistress Vixen now)-only 3 videos,last was in 2004. I think that she is active again in the last few years. It could be interesting collaboration!
2. Jess West-only 2 videos,last in 2010.
3. Sammi-4 videos. She appeared here in 2008. and 2011. Fantastic girl! I would like to see her again on WHP.
4. Bella-3 videos. Skymouse,can we expect more of her?
You definitely should get in touch with Kaz -- and bring her back in nothin' but her panties or her diaper. I've no doubt she'd be interested: I sent her the attached as a present, and it knocked her on her arse! Diaper Ad Kaz_38488779text_edited.png
I was very much hoping to see Kaz again. Did you ever get in touch with her, Skymouse? I know she's rather busy at the moment, but I'm sure she could fit in a few panty wetting sessions. I love Kaz. She's a wonderful woman.