Hanging Out At The Bar On A Friday Night Part 1

Part 1
This past Friday my buddy Mike and I decided to hang out and invite a couple women we know to come with us for dinner, drinks, and just general socializing. Mike and I are in our lower 30’s and the girls he was inviting are about 25 or maybe 28. I have met them before in the past but this would be the first time actually spending time with them. Neither Mike or I are big drinkers but we just needed a night to relax and socialize.
I arrived at the bar about 6 and Mike had picked up the girls and they had a table already. I walked in and joined them. I introduced myself to them again and we grabbed the menus. This place has really good burgers and salads. The girls ordered salad, and I ordered a burger and soup. Mike got chicken wings and we all had a beer. We placed our order and began chatting about the week we had. Mike is a service tech and is on call this weekend so he has to limit his drinks to just a couple. I am not a big drinker so a couple beers will be all I have myself. The girls both work in an office at a corporation doing some sort of secretary work and both of them seemed thirsty as they had their beer gone before we even got served our dinner. After we finished the two girls got up to go pee and Mike and I chatted more about his work and some of the equipment he works on. Our paths cross on occasion as I work in a power plant and we use some if his company's motors and equipment ourselves. But Mike and I know each other from before this as we went to school together also.
The girls returned and wanted to shoot a game of pool with us. So we ordered 4 more beers and headed to the pool table. I am not real good at pool but can play along well enough to stay in the game. The girls were starting to show their beer consumption was catching up with them as they were getting silly and not staying so balanced while standing. As Mike took his shot and ended up sinking the last striped ball winning the game against Amanda, Katie did the same beating me. The girls ran to the bathroom again and Mike and I did the same. We came back and sat at our table waiting for the girls. The girls were both dressed in tight jeans and heels and a pretty lace blouse. Katie had medium length dark hair that was curled and Amanda was a blond with long hair down past her shoulders. Both very attractive ladies. After more chatting the girls had yet another beer and bathroom trip. When they returned Amanda sat beside Mike and Katie sat beside me and they snuggled up with us. I put my arm around her and she snuggled into my side and we continued chatting. About 11:30 Mikes pager went off and he was called to an emergency at a plant up in Cleveland and had to leave. He explained to the girls that he was very sorry and that I would take them home when they are ready. The girls understood and he paid his part of the tab and left. Amanda slid over next to me and then said they really should be getting home also because She had to work in the morning. I asked her how she could be out at night and still get up early. She did not have to be there until 10 AM she explained. I nodded in agreement that I understood and took out my wallet to pay the bill. We walked to my car and I asked where the girls lived. Amanda lived about 5 miles from where we were and Katie was up in Northfield which was a pretty long drive. So we took Amanda home first as she had to work. Katie was in the front seat of my car as we got onto the freeway and headed north I noticed she was fidgety and not sitting still. I started another conversation with her asking about her growing up and her life. She liked to talk about herself and was really getting into a story. She brought up things from her past growing up and places that I had also visited as a kid. Our conversation took us through Jr. High and into High school. It turn out she and I went to the same Jr. High school. I kept noticing as we talked that she was twisting and turning and crossing her legs and uncrossing them. At one point she took her seat belt off and turned sideways facing me sitting on her foot with her leg folded under her. I asked her about what she did for work now, and she began explaining the filing and phone calls and forms she had to fill out, when she stopped talking for a moment and slammed her legs together hard. I looked over trying not to act as though I noticed anything and I said “and?” wanting her to continue. She said oh sorry, I ………….I have to pee so bad I can’t sit still. I said it was ok, I understand we will be at your place in about 10 more minutes. She picked up with the story where she left off and we got into a very interesting conversation about her work. She kept squirming and a couple times slammed her hand into her crotch just outright holding herself no longer caring if I could see. I kept her occupied with the questions and comments as we drove. Her breathing was getting heavier and her words were broken up more as time went on. Her hand was permanently in her crotch at this point. I told her that I found her very attractive and would like to know if she would be interested in going out with me as in dating. She said I……………………..fuck………………………….shit shit……..she looked down at her crotch and them move her hand from her crotch and wiped it on her pant leg. Then she looked at me as if nothing had happened and said “I would love that, sorry I didn’t mean to say that. I gotta go bad”. I said it is ok hun. I took her other hand and held it and brought it to me and kissed it. She smiled and said that was sweet. As we held hands for the last few miles I noticed she was no longer squirming in her seat and was actually sitting much more relaxed. Yeah I notice these things being into omo and diapers. I wanted so bad at this point to reach over and feel her pants in her crotch as I was pretty sure she just peed herself. But I had to be a gentleman and so even though I had a major hard on, I didn’t say or do anything. I asked her when she was free again for an actual date, and she said how about tomorrow………..ok I mean tonight, seeing as it was now after midnight. I said I would love that. You are so beautiful and sexy. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. She pointed the way to her house as we turned onto her street and I pulled in the driveway. Her driveway was a “U” shaped drive that allowed me to pull up in front of her house. She got out of the car and ran around to my side and leaned in the driver's window and gave me a big long french kiss and held me hugging me the best she could through the drivers window. She said I wanted to give you something to remember me until I see you tonight. We ended up making out for about 10 minutes with her bent over through my drivers side window. She reached down and felt my very hard cock in my pants and said oh good. Maybe tonight I will get to play with this. She gave me one more quick kiss and turned to head off to her house saying she couldn’t wait to see me tonight. Her door was right beside the driveway and she went in and closed it. As I backed out my headlights shown on her driveway and there was a huge puddle where she had been standing beside my car. I reached over and felt my passengers seat and it was wet also. Yep she totally peed her pants in my car and then finished standing in her driveway. This was so hot. I could not wait until tonight to meet up with her again.