Hanging Out At The Bar part 2

Part 2 Hanging Out At The Bar
I went home and went to bed dreaming of her and what we would do that night. The next morning I went out and washed off the seat of my car where she peed on it so it was clean for her tonight.
That evening I drove up to pick her up. She came out in a black pencil skirt and a pretty white blouse. Her hair was brushed out and smoothly laying across her shoulders and down her back very pretty as was her makeup. She also had on high heels. I kissed her and held her hand walking her to the car. I opened the passenger door and helped her sit in the car. I walked around looking at the driveway for any remnants of her pee puddle but there was none. It had all dried up overnight and no one could tell the awesome thing I witnessed last night. I took her to a nice steak house where we both ordered a huge grilled chicken salad and a cup of soup. We talked and I was really loving getting to know this woman. As our dinner came to an end I suggested we either go see what was playing at the theatre or we hit the bar and have a few drinks and maybe shoot some pool. She said honestly I would rather take my shoes off and walk with you in the park and sit on a bench by the lake and just talk if you don’t mind? I looked her in the eye and said that sounds absolutely amazing. I paid the bill, left the tip and held her hand walking to the car. I opened the door and helped her inside and we drove to the nearby park. We got out and she kicked her shoes off and tossed them in the car on the floor before I locked it. We held hands for a short time walking down the path to the lake as the sun was setting. It was so beautiful looking at the sun going down across the lake. She snuggled up next to me putting her arm around me as we walked to the park benches. She found one she liked a lot with a perfect view of the water and sunset. I put my arm around her and she snuggled close to me as we sat on the bench. In short time she turned to me and smiled and as I turned to look at her she kissed me passionately. I was quite turned on as we kissed and held each other into the darkness. She stopped kissing me for a moment and hiked her skirt up off of her bottom exposing her panties in the crotch and the back and then went back to kissing me. I thought maybe she was giving me access so I reached across to begin playing with her and she moved my hand back to my lap. As we were kissing I heard splashing of water on the ground like someone was pouring a glass of water around us somewhere. I looked around but could see nothing as she resumed making out with me. I was so turned on I had to readjust things down there so I backed her up a moment and unbuttoned my pants and before I could reach in she had her hand down my pants, pulling my underwear down and bringing my rock hard cock out. She grinned and went down on me right there on the bench. OMG it felt so good. As she was sucking me I noticed a stream of liquid was running out from under our bench across the path. I had a feeling she peed her pants again but right now was not the time to say anything as I began to climax both because she was good, and because I was imagining that she had just peed her pants. After I came she turned away to spit out the cum in her mouth and I took the opportunity to reach into her crotch and feel her soaking wet panties. She jumped and turned to me and started to remove my hand but I held it firm rubbing on her clit. In short time she stopped trying to remove my hand and began to spread her legs wider for me to have more easier access to her pussy. I leaned over and began to kiss her as I worked my fingers up and down and around on her peed panties. I then went up and put my hand down in her panties and worked with my fingers in and out of her and up and down on her clit slowly bringing her to orgasm. She let out a screech for a moment and grabbed onto me tightly as I felt her cum run out onto my fingers and she peed a little more too. She collapsed into the bench and began breathing heavy but slowly as she turned her face toward me. She said I want you right here right now. I stood up pulling her up off the bench where I then got a great view of the soaked bench seat and ground. I walked her over into the grass off the path and behind some trees. I pulled her peed panties off of her and laid her on the ground. I took my pants off and my underwear and laid on top of her and we made love right there on the ground. Once finished We stood up and I put my underwear and pants back on and handed her the peed panties I took off. She tossed them on the ground under the bush, pulled her skirt down and we walked back to the bench. As she snuggled up next to me she said “I can’t believe you didn’t freak out when you found out I peed my pants”. I kissed her and said I love a woman who pees her pants. I also love a woman who wears diapers and wets them. Her eyes got big and she pushed me back. I looked at her and said what? She said you….as you can tell I have a very weak bladder and I pee myself a lot. Your not offended by that? I replied I find it hot as hell. She said because I have a weak bladder….I ……….well……….I took her hand and looked her in the eye and said “you can tell me anything baby”. She smiled and said, I sometimes……..ok all of the time wear diapers to bed so I can get a good night's sleep, and sometimes I wet them in my sleep too. I smiled and said then it will be my job to change you and keep you dry and comfortable baby. She said “really? You would change my diapers?” I said yeah, but you might not be able to trust me. She stepped back and said why is that? I said “I get turned on when my girl is wet and need changed, you might get a lot of sex…….and I might just keep you in diapers day and night too. She smiled and said “ I am good with that for sure”. She kissed me again and spread her legs and started to pee again on the bench. I put my hand down between her legs and played with her pussy as she peed on my hand. She spread her legs and laid back to give me easier access. She suggested we take this back to her place or mine…..then she said no her place because her stuff is there. I agreed and we walked back to the car and drove to her place.