Hanging out At The Bar part 3

As we entered her nice little apartment she slid her skirt off and her dress and bra and motioned for me to follow her into the bedroom. As I walked in she handed me a diaper, powder and wipes and said “let's see how well you do this!” I laid her on the bed and put the diaper under her bottom, wiped her off with the wipes and then powdered her. I wrapped the diaper up between her legs and taped it on her. She stood up and felt the diaper and checked it in the mirror. She was impressed as she slid her night shirt on over her body and pulled me to the kitchen to open some beers. We flipped on the TV and snuggled on the couch. God she was so adorably hot in her diaper. After a couple beers in each of us I laid on my back and she kind of laid on me watching tv, kissing and just enjoying each others company. She was straddling my legs with hers the way she was laying and her diaper was right on my thigh. In short time I felt her diaper get really warm and I knew she had just wet her diaper. I was also starting to have to pee but it was not super strong yet. We kind of drifted off to sleep both of us and I woke up sometime later having to pee super bad. I gently woke her from my chest and told her to get up because I have to pee now. She kissed me and laid her head back on my chest. I again more panicked now said Baby, I need to pee badly, you have to get up. She put her finger over my lips and said just be quiet and pee already. I said I would like to but I can’t get up with you on me. She looked me in the eye and said I am not getting up until I feel like it, just go in your pants. It is ok, I will clean it up later. She laid her head back down snuggled up tighter on me. With that I relaxed and began to pee in my pants. It was liberating to not have to hold it any longer and I felt my pee spread down under my bottom and up my pants some. She laid there another ½ hour or so before finally getting up saying it is bed time now anyhow. She helped me off the couch, and got some towels to wipe up my pee puddle on the vinyl couch and floor. We headed into the bedroom where she pulled my peed pants and underwear off, removed my wallet and keys from the pockets and tossed the pants into the laundry basket for morning. She laid on the bed and pointed to the pile of diapers on her dresser. I removed her wet diaper and cleaned her up. I spread her legs and positioned myself right between her legs and teased her pussy and clit with my cock leaning over and occasionally kissing her belly, breasts and lips. In short time I was hard as a rock and began to slowly insert myself in her. I worked my cock up and down her slit to get her juices on me so I could slide in easier. In no time I was in her and working myself in and out harder and harder until I came and she came right after. I slowly pulled out of her and got the wipes and cleaned myself up and then her. I diapered her up and she stood up and kissed me then pushed me onto the bed where she proceeded to diaper me up also for the night. Her diapers were a little small but they fit good enough on me. We turned the light out and snuggled under the blanket and drifted off to sleep in our diapers.

The next morning I woke up remembering having peed my diaper during the night once, and I had to go again so I laid there in bed and peed again. I then rolled over and reached under the blanket to find her diaper was soaked. I kissed her shoulder and put my arm around her and she grabbed my hand and cuddled tight to me. She said it is only 8 AM baby. I want to sleep till noon. I said ok but your diaper is not going to make it that long. She felt it and said, Oh I forgot we drank all that last night……….will you please change me? I was glad to do that as she rolled on her back, closed her eyes and sort of drifted back off to sleep. I removed the tapes from her diaper and pulled it off of her. I lifted her body to slide the fresh diaper under her and then powdered her up and put the clean diaper on her. Covered her back up and she almost immediately started snoring. I peed again in my diaper and took it off. Then remembered I have no underwear or pants here. So I grabbed another diaper and put it on and went downstairs to find some breakfast and watch TV. I found some oatmeal and an egg, made some coffee and sat on the couch watching TV wetting my diaper until she came strolling down about 11. She was wet again but not completely. I got up and poured her some coffee and kissed her good morning. She sat on the couch with me snuggled up and felt my diaper then said, wow you sure don’t pee much? I said ha ha, I put this diaper on this morning after I got up. She smiled and we sat there in silence staring at the TV. Both still trying to wake up. Around noon we had both wet our diapers again and she asked me to change her again so she could do my laundry and hers. I put her in another dry diaper and then she changed me into another one. She brought the laundry down and put it in the wash and asked me to help her hang some new window blinds. I didn’t think until it was too late about me standing in the window in just a diaper to do this work. LOL But I did it anyhow just for her. I really enjoyed that afternoon with her, both of us in diapers the entire day. I finally got my pants back but she said I was not allowed my underwear back. If she has to live in diapers so do I. I laughed and said ok baby. I slid my jeans on over my diaper and put my shirt on and helped her make some dinner. We changed each other again in the afternoon, enjoyed dinner together and she begged me to spend the night again. I had to go home and get my work clothes and things I needed and my alarm clock and came back. That night we made love again and diapered each other up. I set my alarm for 5:30 AM and we drifted to sleep in each others arms. I woke up about 2 having to pee and let it out in my diaper and drifted back to sleep. The alarm woke me up at 5:30 and I shut it off so as not to wake her anymore. She grabbed my arm as I got out of bed and I kissed her and she rolled back over. I went down and made some breakfast and got some coffee as I wet my diaper again. I cleaned up and shaved in the bathroom still in my wet diaper from over night. I left it on until I was ready to leave. Then I came in, took my wet diaper off, put my underwear on and my pants and kissed her bye and left for work. She came to see me at lunch time bringing me some food and showed me she was in her diaper like a good girl. She had wet it once at this point. This girl was a keeper for sure. We have been together now almost 2 years and are engaged. She is now in diapers 24/7, never even bothers to try to use a toilet anymore. I have upgraded her to top of the line diapers that she can wear for up to 10 or 12 hours, so we don’t go through as many diapers now. I am starting to wear more and more myself too, as it is just easier and I can get more done at work too not having to stop to go pee all the time.