Natalia's 200th video for WHP


Going by the files in my computer, Natalia's latest video is her 200th for Wetting Her Panties. By far the most videos by a model for WHP. Needless to say, I'm a big fan of Natalia's. I love her wettings and she seems to love wetting herself.

I particularly love it when she says she will keep her peed clothes on until they dry, even if she doesn't really. Skymouse, at the end of a video, please get her to say something like, "I'm going down to the shops with my peed panties on." Even though it doesn't really happen.

I hope beautiful Natalia will make many more wetting videos for WHP. :)


Staff member
I didn't realise that was her 200th. That's pretty amazing :)

Good idea about the dialogue. I will remind her to be a bit more specific in exactly that way :)