Need a search bar

Does anyone agree that this site needs a "search bar" where we can search certain keywords.
Example, I would like to see all the wettings in leggings or hissing (at least I can go to any of Natalia's videos for this, LOL) but currently I cannot search it.
Webmasters, is it possible to add this function to the site?
This function is available on most sites.

It doesn't need anything fancy, the site could use Google to do it. In the absence of that just add a site qualifier to an ordinary search on Google, so enter, for example, nicki panties

However, that won't actually help you very much, which is probably why it doesn't have a search. All you can see are the model index pages, which you can find by clicking the models link anyway. The photosets are numbered not described and both the photosets and videos are available only to members, so cannot be accessed either from the menu or from the model list without logging in. Even if you could find them by search, you couldn't access them! So, all the search above will come up with is the page for Nicki, which is easy to find anyway.