Please give us an update

Some of us are fans that have subscribed to skymouse sites for over a decade, and some of us are just getting their first subscriptions now...

Either way, it's hard not to believe that this site has now closed! Please give us some communication rather than keep taking advantage of people's money and trust.

30 days without a video...

136 days without a photo update...

It just feels like this site is taking advantage of people by assuming they won't take legal action because of the content on offer here, and that is so disappointing.

Please give us answers. Have you closed down? Are we getting our money back? Is the site coming back? We all love what WHP offers but right now we're being treated like fools.

I say all this out of love for the site I have used for many years!!
well skymouse has posted two videos but not the videos im waiting for he needs to upload all the updates from january 17 to february 17 not brand new videos from just this week that is not going to fly with me skymouse ignores emails doesn't come on here and tosha hayes does not seem to be doing anything to fix whats going on i will check this site when all the updates from last month have been posted posting videos from sunday and monday are not going to satisfy members