The Girfriends have an accident

Hannah Wilson & Jessica Davis are 18 year old friends

Hannah is average-height with olive skin, auburn hair and brown eyes

Jessica is average-height with bronze skin, brown hair and green eyes

The girls are getting ready for a night out together, Hannah is wearing a black top, a black skirt and pink knickers, Jessica is wearing a blue top and light blue jeans with light grey knickers

Once the girls are ready the go to a local bar a few miles from Hannah's house, after a few hours drinking the slightly drunk girls leave the bar and make their way home, it is a nice night so they decide to walk home, both girls need to pee but the toilet queue is too long so they decided to leave the bar

As they are walking they are getting more desperate by the minute

Halfway home Hannah is at bursting point, and decides she needs to go now, to the point that she has already started to wet her knickers, they try to find a toilet but to no avail, and Hannah decides to go behind a bush, but as she gets there she is startled by a rustle in the bush, she tries to move to carry on holding and walking home but as she turns a rat runs from under a nearby bush, Hannah is so startled that her pee starts soaking her knickers and running down her sexy olive legs, she returns to Jessica after cleaning her legs down, it is dark so the wetness remaining on her legs is not very visable

Hannah returns to find Jessica holding her crotch and doing a pee dance like a little girl, she lies to Jessica and say that she went for a pee behind the bushes (well she did, but she meant not in her knickers), Jessica says that she would rather wait until she is at Hannah's house to pee

They continue on their way home when Jessica suddenly stops and holds her crotch and crosses her legs, a little pee escapes and dampens her grey knickers but does not go though to her jeans, she manages to get a hold of her pee and hold it and they continue walking, the make it to the corner of Hannah's street when Jessica's need is worsened by her proximity to relief, she lets out a few more spurts making a tennis ball sized wet patch on her jeans but she manages to hide the accident from Hannah

As they get to Hannah's house Jessica can feel the pee starting to slowly run down her legs, Hannah opens the door and Jessica rushes in to use the toilet as she make it into the bathroom she can't hold it any longer and as she tries to undo her jeans her desperation gets the better of her due to being so close to relief and she starts to pee uncontrollably into her jeans

As Hannah catches up to Jessica in the bathroom (Jessica had not closed the door due to her desperation), she witnesses Jessica's accident and feels aroused by it and her own drying wet knickers, Jessica is upset so Hannah walks into the bathroom lifts up her skirt and re-wets her pink knickers to make Jessica feel better, she then explains the accident she had behind the bush earlier

The girls find that they enjoy watching each other wet themselves in various outfits, and situations, but those are another story as is how the girls relationship develops

(Please let me know what you think of my first fiction story)


Blaze Ravenwolf