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Hi DHandler and welcome back.

I intend to reintreoduce the panty wetting webcams as they were such a fun and iconic part of WHP for a long time. Changing technology and a variety of practical matters led to me suspending the webcams, but I've always wanted to find a way to bring them back, and perhaps take them to a new step if the economics stack up. I don't have timing for any of this; however, when I froze the webcams, I asked the webcam provision company not to cancel our account and instead to put our licence "on hold" so we could resume in future.

This is a subject I will return to and will use this Forum to gauge the level of support for my proposed way of restarting the webcams.

I enjoyed the webcam shows over the years. Especially Jackie's ones. You never did find Jackie's webcam show from July 2009 for me, Skymouse. :(


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@Calum, I know :( When I moved house, I packed two huge boxes with hard disks, and if the show was downloaded from the original large-size DV tape onto disk, it may be on one of those. At some point I will find a way to view them efficiently to see if it's there.
Well, you know how much I love Jackie. She is my favourite ever WHP model and is the subject of my profile picture. I hope one day she will work again for WHP. Go visit her and film her... I will order a few custom videos! :p
Would love to have live cams back that was so awesome to communicate with the models! I'd love to see Roxy and chat with her, she has such a simple and regal beauty that us unmatched against most models I"ve ever seen.
I have posted some screenshots from some of the old webcams..some back as far as 2012. Would love to see the webcam come back again.