Welcome to the new WHP Forum


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As the new year approaches, we have something else new: a fresh WHP forum.

We decided to make a major upgrade of hardware and software which will help to ensure we have a forum that can be maintained and improved for years to come. There's a bunch of customisation remaining to be done on this new WHP forum, some visual, some functional.

I encourage you all to join and start chatting here about our favourite subjects:

  • Girls who are very desperate to pee.
  • Girls who are fidgetting because they're going to wet themselves.
  • Girls who accidentally pee in their panties.
  • Girls who pee themselves because it's so damned sexy.
  • Videos and photos of pretty girls having all these things happen to them, in panties, skirts, jeans and other clothes, in many situations, as found on wettingherpanties.com.
Please register a user name and join in.

Please also keep the chat respectful. You must not discuss people under 18, or discuss any illegal activities.


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Welcome! Good to see you here, and I'm looking forward to some cool panty wetting chats. Lots has happened since the previous forum was closed for these refurbishments.
Good to see a new forum start. I stopped posting on the old one a long time ago.

I noticed there was no new posts on the WHP Twitter account for several months. I hope we now see new regular updates there.
Good to see you back Skymouse, was a regular on the webcams but havent been on for years, definitely interested if you get them started again !
Happy to see there is forum up again! Any chance you can post an archive of the old forum? There were so much great content and many well written stories and anecdotes! Would hate to have it all lost forever. A text only archive would be perfect.

Welcome back!
Hi Skymouse,
I’d love to say that I really enjoy the content you’ve been providing, what with recent newcomers especially Lillie whom I’ve completely fallen in love with. And so it’s given me an idea. Why not have a portfolio section of the models in order to get to know them: what their hometown is, what hobbies they have, what foods they enjoy and what movies they really enjoy?
Moreover, you could even start featuring a behind the scenes clip at the end of the video where the model talks about her experience and how she felt about the shoot and even what she had to drink beforehand.
Also, like I say, I adore Lillie so much. Without wishing to sound cringy, I really and truly think she is adorable and mesmerising in every way. Therefore, I’d like to find her on Instagram or Twitter, but I can’t. Obviously, if any model, let alone Lillie, doesn’t want to share too much information about themselves, then I fully appreciate it, but like I said I just want to get to know the models a bit more, so at the end of the video during behind the scenes they could even leave their social media names near the end or even in their own portfolios.

I hope this helps and if you like my ideas I’m looking forward to seeing the change that could potentially expand WHP even more if you see what I mean. I’ll continue to show great respect for you and all of your young women (particularly Lillie, if I’m honest) as well as all your content and future plans and content. :)

- Mariotheplumber
Hi there, I am from Cape Town, South Africa and I just love how the models pees in their panties. It is so sexy, well done to Skymouse and his team. If I were in the UK I would have volunteered to assist during the shoots but I am very far away and I am very jealous. Please keep up the good work.